it was just a date , salihah !

ya, it was just a normal date. cume number sahaja yang mncntikkan tarikh tuh. tapi tarikh cntik tak dtg selalu kan ? so sumea org msty  mnghrapkan satu keajaiban dtg hari ni , tak mustahil kan ? Allah kan Maha Berkuasa. same goes with me. only God knows how i'm wishing for a miracle. but nothing happen. nvm . tak kisah pon.

dah 22.11 bru nk ckp psl 20.11 ? haha. diam la . 
tp 20.11 , dpt sdkit encouragement la kirenyee. 

nadh : buat deal dgn nadh, naik pnts every exm next year, no cintan, no patah hati . :D 
daus : "chill la, be strong, thun depn spm" :)

seriously, rase super duper smgt . alhamdulillah :D
super duperrr thanks laaa :)

p/s: "Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can."

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  1. never thought that things were hard for you dear .